Andrew Robl Analyzes His Play

Andrew Robl Analyzes His Play

Andrew Robl Analyzes His Play - Image via Wikipedia

Andrew Robl, “Good2cu”, is a well-known online player who also does very well in the live cash games.  He has appeared on the televised games quite often and is mostly seen on PokerStars.net’s The Big Game.  Recently Andrew discussed his hand play from a recent matchup against Daniel Negreanu.

The game was a pot limit Texas Hold ‘em $200/400 with a $100 ante.  Right before the hand being analyzed, Andrew played a big pot with Tony G where Tony beat out Andrew for a large loss.  Robl was handed Ace-Jack where the rest of the table folded around the blinds except for Daniel Negreanu who was in the small blind.

Andrew stated he had been playing pretty tight all night, but wanted to make an impact this hand.  It’s generally hard to guess Daniel’s hands because he plays so many hands even when he doesn’t have the position.  The flop came out Ace(h)-King(s)-Two(s).  Robl came out with a strong bet of $4,000 and it was quickly called by Daniel to put the pot at $14,300.  As Robl states, Daniel can usually be expected to bet/call on any pair, flush draws, or even a long shot King-Ten.

The turn came out with a Ten(d) and Negreanu came off the bat with a large bet of $8,500.  Robl thought Daniel could have a large range of hands that would cause the bet.  He guessed the hand was more than likely Ace-Ten, King-Ten, Queen-Jack, or even Four-Five chasing the straight.  At this point, there was no reason to re-raise because it would of only put Robl in a bad spot and get him to positive gains if Daniel had a bluff hand.

The river came out with another Ten and Negreanu bet a strong $18,500.  Andrew knew this river was a horrible card to be bluffing on.  He also knew Negreanu could put him on having an Ace or at least King-Queen, King-Jack.  If Daniel was bluffing on the turn, he knew he would fold on the river since there are few hands that can beat the Ace Andrew had.

Play went through with Andrew taking the pot and Daniel being pretty upset about the loss.  This hand ended up starting some controversy between the players, but all is calm now.  Andrew’s analysis of his play really helps you see a clear idea of what’s going on in these professional’s minds.

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