Merge $1 Million Bad Beat Jackpot Won!

It’s the best time to lose when that loss sets you up to be the big winner of the bad beat jackpot. That’s what happened just the other day as the Merge Poker Network saw their Bad Beat Jackpot, which was over $1 million, claimed. Usually when you go down in a ball of flames when holding a great hand, it’s a huge disappointment. But when that fine hand pays out with a bad beat award, it’s well worth it.


The Hand that Paid

When you hit the bad beat the person who loses the hand gets the most cash and the one who beat them gets the second most. The rest of the bad beat pot is then divided equally amongst the players at the table.

Carbon Poker and other sites in the network update the bad beat in real time.

Carbon Poker and other sites in the network update the bad beat in real time.

The way it went down on the Merge Network the other day was “Eulson” held pocket 7s and “123maryc” picked up Qs. At that point, “123maryc” raised prior to the flop. “Eulson” saw the raise and raised too. At that point, “123maryc” posted a three-bet, which was seen by “Eulson.” All other players in the hand folded.

The flop turned out 7♠, Q♣ and Q♥. That gave “Eulson” a full house. Of course, that meant that “123maryc” was holding quad Queens. The player holding four ladies checked. “Eulson” offered a modest bet, which was matched by the opponent.

The turn offered “Eulson” the ultimate bait—the fourth 7. “123maryc” checked, and then “Eulson” bet. That bet was raised and then re-raised and the two went back and forth five times until “123maryc” was all-in.

The river offered an Ace, which did not figure into either hand. The cards revealed that although “Eulson’s” quad 7s had been usurped by “123maryc’s” four royal ladies, the loser had won the big prize. “Eulson” collected  $355,092.35 and “123maryc” received $177,456.17. $25,363.73 was awarded to each of the other players at the green felt.


How The Merge Bad Beat Works

Bad beats vary from poker room to poker room. Each has their own rules governing what constitutes the bad beat, how the prizes are divided and what games qualify. Players contribute to the bad beat on the Merge Network with $0.50 of the rake in a pot of $5.00 or higher going into the jackpot. The jackpot grows, much like a progressive for slots, until it is hit.

The Merge Network is open to U.S. players.

The Merge Network is open to U.S. players.

At the Merge Poker Network, the bad beat works in the following manner. Players must be playing at a Bad Beat Jackpot table and cards must be dealt to a minimum of four people. The losing player has to be holding quad 7s or better and the winning player must then be able to beat that hand. Both players directly involved in the bad beat must use both of their hole cards in the hand. The pot for the hand must be $5.00 or higher.

When someone wins the Bad Beat Jackpot on the Merge Network, 70% of the jackpot is divided among the players that were first in the hand. That is, those who were dealt hole cards. Of the total bad beat jackpot, 70% is awarded to the players, 20% goes towards the next bad beat jackpot and 10% is given to the house for administration fees. Thus, if the bad beat jackpot is $1 million then a total of $700,000 is awarded to the players. Of the over $1,000,000 bad beat jackpot, $213,000 went into creating the next one.


Merge Network Rooms

The Merge Network is comprised of some of the leading fixtures in the industry, including Carbon Poker, Lock Poker and PokerView. Plus, the network does take U.S. players. The bad beat jackpot is growing as you read this article. For “Eulson,” “123maryc” and the other players at the table the other night it paid off big.

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